A beautiful morning!

Such a difference from the grey damp last couple of days. My room's window faces east and so the light and heat are quite noticeable when they occasionally occur.

The odd bits and bobs of information provided by the Internet early in the morning: there is a Rua Heinrich Biber in Sao Paolo. The next question, was Heinrich Biber Street named after Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von Bibern, the composer, or after some other fellow, is left without an answer, which the machines don't readily provide.

The French are about to submit themselves to the Loi Avia, which will outlaw 'hate speech' on the Internet, pft, of course committing into the hands of the creatures of the state the authority to judge what is and is not 'hateful'. "Vous l'avez donc compris, il n'est pas loin le temps où nous devrons nous enfermer dans la cuisine entre gens de confiance pour parler librement"-- 'you have to understand that the time is not far off when, in order to speak freely, you'll have to shut yourself up in the kitchen with those you trust'.

Today is the fifth Sunday post Pascha.

I follow this Mass on Sunday mornings-- 1100 in Paris, 0200 here. The one disconcerting aspect is that they will begin Vespers in about half a hour, just as I am (as on most days) saying Terce. Life is complicated by the fact that rather thoughtlessly I began making breakfast as soon as I got in from my morning spatiamentum: since I can't untoast the bagels am eating now rather than after Terce as I prefer to do. Eh.