Under the grey skies of another Holy Saturday...

Has been sunny for the past three days but heading to Easter I don't see much of him, and it's sensibly cooler this morning than the last two. 

Am awaiting the noon (well, noon Pacific Time) Solemn Easter Vigil at St Mary's Shrine, Warrington in Chesire, England; the 1962 rite, evidently. I've followed their Tenebrae liturgy from Holy Thursday forward and been impressed. Well, will follow the ceremonies at St-Eugène in Paris, also, but since it'll be my first time with the Warrington folks (for a solemn Mass, I mean) my default, as it were, is going to be Warrington. St-Eugène is to begin at 2030, which is 1130 Pacific.

Cannot recall how to caption a video, tsk; anyway, that supra is a recording of the Little Hours (Prime, Terce, Sext, and None) from earlier this morning; I finished 'em here before taking my morning spatiamentum so am Office-free until Vespers and Compline. Am going to take a nap, I imagine. 


Phoebus has broken through the clouds as the Lumen Christi is begun at St-Eugène. Deo gratias!