Tornado watch or warning?

Am pretty sure that another commenter at Althouse pointed this fellow out, or perhaps Althouse herself did; I scarcely remember much of yesterday so trying to pinpoint when I began watching Charlie Berens is a lost cause. Evidently, his videos don't embed (or else I'm tapping the wrong buttons). This link is to his video 'Dads during tornados' that I watched a minute ago; rather more elaborate, more 'produced' than most of them. 

I think I enjoy these as much as I do because the character is very much unlike me but there is an aspect of me, of my personality or character, I don't know how to phrase it better than that, that is jealous, in a certain way, of 'Charlie Berens'. Eh. I don't indulge in subjecting myself to psychological self-analysis. 

His videos show up when I searched by his name only so...