There was a time when I collected...

Feeds from scores and scores of blogs (more precisely, a bit of software collected 'em all), and read much of the collected writing, the quality of which was extremely variable. Thought about this now because it was most definitely the thing done to put a 'blogroll' on one's own blog, usually in a side column, an assemblage of everything you read and recommended to your readers to read. I wonder, can one even do that with this particular blog layout?

More pertinently, which blogs do I consistently read these days? They'd make a much shorter list-- that is certainly true. Althouse, Hunwicke, Instapundit, NLM and other liturgy-centred blogs, Zuhlsdorf: oh, and the Bollettino of the Holy See's press operation gets sucked in too. 

I will doze off in approximately two seconds.