That was quick...

But not entirely unexpected. I have been receiving unemployment checks for... have received one unemployment check and this is the second week in which I ought to have received one. And I did in fact find one in the mailbox when I went out this morning to check on yesterday's delivery. 

But I cannot believe it is for the correct amount. The eligibility letter that I received a fortnight ago specified that I was to receive... for purposes of illustration, was to receive 260 dollars per week, which was what last week's check was written for, less the approximately 15% withheld for federal taxes etc etc: so 220 dollars. All reasonably straightforward.

Today's check is for the amount of 504 dollars. I can't make out what that total represents; the stub of the check itself repeats the 260 dollars figure. The way the system works is that there is a maximum benefit available; the maximum benefit still remaining is reduced-- on the stub today-- by the amount represented by one week's payment. Which I had last week.

Perhaps the munificent and incomparably wealthy State of Oregon (or a deranged civil servant from his office on Union Street in Salem) has paid everyone receiving unemployment income 504 dollars from the General Fund as a one-off gesture of goodwill.

The telephone number which one calls to discuss overpayment of benefits has been busy each of the five seven times I've tried calling it this morning. It suddenly occured to me to check the bank account; a moment of irrational dread had suggested that the Union Street people also paid a week's 260 via direct deposit: they did not, as a matter of fact.