Punch and Judy are not gentlefolk...

I'm on familiar terms with, although I wish it were otherwise: I know them only via books and English television serials (who can forget the episode of Midsomer Murders in which Judy manages to commit seven capital crimes in the space of 70 minutes?).

Was reading through the April issue of The Portal, published by the English Ordinariate, and was delighted to read this ('Snapdragon' is a columnist there):  

Snapdragon cordially detests priests who over-keenly welcome their congregation to worship, producing the Punch-and-Judy-like auto-reply, “Good morning, Father!” This is akin to a theatre audience’s response to a pantomime villain (surely to complete the pseudo thespian experience the laity ought to call out, “He’s behind you!” Cue suspicious glares at the Master of Ceremonies or any altar-server in the sanctuary!).  

I wonder what the next visiting priest at the parish would think were I to imitate that theatre's audience. Wouldn't get the joke, I imagine.