Perfect liberty...

Before I forget again-- Terce is just done-- I wanted to put the collecta here.

Deus, qui solemnitáte pascháli, mundo remédia contulísti: pópulum tuum, quǽsumus, cælésti dono proséquere; ut et perféctam libertátem cónsequi mereátur, et ad vitam profíciat sempitérnam.

God, Who by the mystery of the Paschal Solemnity has treated the world's sickness, grant Thy people, we beseech Thee, to seek the heavenly gift so that as we may merit to achieve perfect liberty we find our end in eternal life. Or something like that; perfect liberty and the glory of Heaven being conceptually distinct but enjoyed at once and together.

But that is perfect liberty, the going onward into eternal life, not the imperfect foretastes of it that may be found in e.g. the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by the Constitution which does, of course and rightly, ground the lesser freedoms in the eternal wisdom of Providence.