One of those things...

That I notice about myself: my memory is simply not as sound as it used to be.

Opened up Le Salon Beige a few minutes ago, and saw this post about students at a French school who each contributed his part of a performance of Mozart's Ave verum corpus from the quarantine of his own home. 

I immediately went to Althouse to add a link to this in the comments, intending to intimate the superiority of the Catholic religion  and Mozart to the therapeutic patriotism of.... 

That is the thing: I was sure I had seen a similar assemblage in an Althouse post made by Americans utilizing the song America the Beautiful and this just recently, in tempore pestilentiae. It must have been at the Times, I guess, but until being forced to realize that (I used the search function over there as well as visually reviewing posts through three pages past) I would've sworn that I'd noticed it at the emerita law professor's site. 


I don't see it at the Times, either, so perhaps I've invented the thing from whole cloth.