My first participation in a Zoom...

Encounter? session? last night. It was billed as a 'webinar' so I'll go with that in spite of thinking it a ridiculous word. 

Dr Jennifer Donelson, who does much good work advancing the cause of chant and singing in the Church in the United States, presented 'monastic Compline'-- a quick basic look at chant, the Office hour, and how to sing it-- to a couple of hundred people. It was all interesting and I restrained myself from spending too much time looking at the other participants. 

The preparatory email notices quite clearly stated that participants' video and audio should be off but-- it was mildly amusing-- people being who they are, there had to be a couple of minutes of discussion about it. Everyone began, so far as I could tell, with the audio off-- nobody wanted to listen to e.g. Marc make a series of  'trenchant' observations-- but some left their video on, some didn't. Dr D. said she didn't really care, although she enjoyed seeing her interlocutors: the point was that the event was being recorded and so there was a remote chance that a participant's image might be captured in said recording, which possibility she felt it necessary to warn us about. Eh. 

The Square Notes podcast (Dr D. is co-host) is here.