I do not want to help him surprise his...

Beautiful wife. For some reason I've begun to get more email from Mr Trump's minions lately. It is useless to me, and in some sense must be for them a waste of money: I don't read it, and I won't give them any money. I guess I can make a bit of fun out of the occasional header. 

Mrs Trump is lovely. I suspect that if she were the spouse of Mr Clinton or Mr Biden the media would be slavering over her the way they did over Mrs Kennedy.

I will vote for him under the same conditions I put in 2016: if Oregon seems close, which is as doubtful this time around as it was then, I will grit my teeth and cast my ballot for Mr Trump. Otherwise, I'll vote for someone else. 

And the fact is, depending on how the political landscape is looking in November, I may vote for him in any case simply to add to his national vote total since the media like to toss that figure about (not that it has any real significance).

Wednesday afternoon, a few days later. I began this after getting a ridiculous email from Mr Trump's campaign people and am now recalling that I couldn't decide what bit of music to couple with my scribbling so put it into the drafts.