Have been occupied with practicing...

My Latin pronunciation, downloading free (well, 'free') books, and fussing with figuring out how to listen to podcasts. It's hard work (I'm being facetious) figuring out which app will work on all three devices, the laptop, the mobile, and the Kindle; not hard work, obviously, but certainly time-eating. Am not going to learn to navigate through two or three distinct applications; I'm someone who, after owning the Bose speaker for three years, still occasionally has to fuss with the procedure required to connect it via Bluetooth to whatever machine is playing the music.

There are a lot better recordings of Victoria's O quam gloriosum available but since I listened to so many services streamed from Saint Eugène in Paris (and elsewhere) during Lent and Holy Week I've managed to achieve a certain tolerant affection for works of the highest art performed in their natural, less than studio-quality, environments.