Had totally forgotten about the summons...

To jury duty-- from what may as have been last year. Totally forgot until last night as I was beginning to sleep. Went just now, after returning from the morning spatiamentum and a bit of shopping, to find the papers I had received (the one is dated March 17th, so not in fact last year). I was able to do so but noted that any idea of deferring the performance of my duty missed its chance by almost a fortnight. Fact is I can get down there (via my nearby 96 bus stop) by 0830 Thursday morning. Returning, am going to have use the 67 bus which requires a half an hour walk back to the house. Eh. A probably once in a lifetime experience! 

The one obstacle remaining is that I don't have a mask. The silly bus administration requires it. Pft.

Ah, but at the supermarket I asked about the availability of  'em and Sikandra, who is ordinarily there in the early mornings and regales me with the more interesting news about Safeway and its high crimes and misdemeanors, told me that her co-worker Chris's mother has been making masks for the needy and (more to the point) is looking for new people to make masks for.  I believe I'm set with the costume necessary to ride the effing bus. 

There are several operas that feature courts and judges; Palestrina came first to mind. An ecumenical council is about the greatest court on Earth.

Am adding this (although to be honest the reason I began this post when I did was to memorialize the OED's 'word of the day', not scribble about jury duty and face masks). The OED's word today is 'yark'. While I've already forgotten the meaning that's featured on their website, the meaning 'to vomit, to spew' struck me as the more interesting one. It is a synonym for 'hawk', too. 'If he's not yarking, he's hawking up great gobbets of phlegm: it's infrequent that he can go into society.'