For the record...

The video associated with a petition to the Bishops of France: 'open the churches!'-- I saw this earlier at Le Salon Beige


I'm not familiar with the people who seem to be responsible for it. It wouldn't surprise me to discover that they belong to one of the 'new movements'. 

The excellentissimi ac reverendissimi domini episcopi domini nostri have a great deal to answer for: their-- and, obviously, I don't mean each and every one of them-- woeful misunderstanding and mismanagement of the abuse crises, their inattention to the failure to properly educate Catholics in the truths of the Catholic religion over the past forty years, their lamentable abandonment of the Sacred Liturgy to the adepts of the novissimus ordo, and now the speed at which so many of them closed the doors of their own churches at the behest of the state, the interests of which are in so many respects inimical to those of Holy Mother Church. 

But spes contra spem, and, Ecce venio cito, et merces mea mecum est, reddere unicuique secundum opera sua.